GMCAT Introduction


In mathematical language, GMCAT = GMAT + CAT.

GMCAT is a hybrid course for both GMAT and CAT preparation. We believe that both the tests are very similar and complementary to each other.

Common Admission Test (CAT) is an all-India Entrance test conducted by IIMs. It is a computer-based test for admission to their 2-year full-time PG programs in management. Other Indian business schools such as IITs, FMS, S P Jain, MDI, NITIE, etc also accept CAT scores.

The Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT) is a computer adaptive test intended to assess analytical, quantitative & verbal skills in Mathematics and English. GMAT is accepted by more than 6,000 business and management programs worldwide.

Why prepare for GMAT and CAT simultaneously?

GMAT & CAT have the same syllabus, both deal with Mathematics and English. Both tests complement each other. Preparing for GMAT helps CAT aspirants in verbal, and CAT preparation helps GMAT aspirants in Quantitative Section. Most of the sections in both the tests are common.

MBA admission is a steep road. It’s important to keep all the doors open. It’s good to be confident, but there is a thin line difference between confidence and over-confidence. CAT success rate (% of students getting admission in good colleges) is meager. GMAT, on the other hand, opens doors for almost all the global and Indian business schools. So preparing for both will always give you an edge and a sense of security also that if one doesn’t go well, you can rely on another.

Advantage to final year students in preparing for both GMAT and CAT:-

  • Business schools accepting GMAT scores need at least 2+ Years work experience. But the GMAT score is valid for 5 years so it is good to give GMAT and CAT both.
  • Secondly, It is much better to have a GMAT score before selecting business schools. It gives time to aspirants to work on their needed profile and the chances gets much better to get selected.
  • Thirdly, Taking out study time is much easier in student life compared to that in job times. Most of the working applicants find it very difficult to take time out for studies. So, preparing for GMAT is much easier now as compared to after you start with the work.
  • Lastly, CAT success rate is meager compared to GMAT. Till your overall percentile is touching 99, you are not a serious candidate for IIM-A, B & C. And if your %ile is lower than 98%, you have to go for tier-2 B-schools only. So GMAT opens the door for many other good Business schools Like ISB or any B-school abroad. Having a lot of options is much better than working with one.

GMCAT (GMAT+CAT) Syllabus:

In our GMCAT program, students get to learn the topics of both GMAT and CAT and in a systematic way so that they are ready for both the exams and score well. Every topic is started with the basics and then moved on to the advanced portions. Every student is made ready to tackle both type of Questions i.e. GMAT and CAT both. So a student is ready for the both.

Detailed syllabus of GMAT and CAT:-

1 – For VARC and AWA

1Grammer & Sentence CorrectionParts of Speech
2Grammer & Sentence CorrectionSentence Construction
3Grammer & Sentence CorrectionPunctuations
4Grammer & Sentence CorrectionSubject Verb Agreement
5Grammer & Sentence CorrectionModifiers
6Grammer & Sentence CorrectionTense
7Grammer & Sentence CorrectionPronoun
8Grammer & Sentence CorrectionParallelism & Comparison
9Grammer & Sentence CorrectionIdioms
10Grammer & Sentence CorrectionWords Usage
11Verbal ReasoningStatements & Assumptions
12Verbal ReasoningStrengthen & Weaken
13Verbal ReasoningFlaw & Evaluate
14Verbal ReasoningInference & Paradox
15Verbal ReasoningBold Face
16Verbal ReasoningLogical Deduction
17Verbal ReasoningCourses of Action
18Verbal ReasoningParajumbles
19Verbal ReasoningPara Completion
20Verbal ReasoningSentence Exclusion
21Verbal ReasoningSummary Writing
22Verbal ReasoningFact Interface Judgement
23Verbal ReasoningSyllogism
24Reading ComprehensionRC Warm Up
25Reading ComprehensionRC Introduction
26Reading ComprehensionRC Types of Questions
27Reading ComprehensionRC Main
28Reading ComprehensionRC Final
29Reading ComprehensionRC Science
30Analytical Writing AssessmentArgument Writing

2 – For Quantitative Ability

1ArithmeticNumber Tree, Odd & Even, Factors & Multiples
2ArithmeticHCF & LCM, Remainders, Factorials, Cyclicity
3ArithmeticSequence & Series
5ArithmeticSet Theory & Venn Diagrams
6AlgebraLinear Equations
7AlgebraExponents & Roots
8AlgebraPolynomials & Quadratic Equations
10AlgebraInequalities Maxima Minima
12GeometryAngles, Lines & Triangles
13GeometryQuadrilaterls & Polygons
16GeometryCoordinate Geometry
18Word ProblemsRatio & Proportion
19Word ProblemsAverage, Mixture & Allegation
20Word ProblemsPercentages
21Word ProblemsProfit, Loss & Discount
22Word ProblemsSimple & Compound Interest
23Word ProblemsTime & Work
24Word ProblemsTime, Work & Rate
25Word ProblemsPermutation & Combination
26Word ProblemsProbability

3 – For LR,DI and IR:-

1Logical ReasonLinear & Circular Arrangement
2Logical ReasonBlood Relation & Family Tree
3Logical ReasonStatements & Arguments, Truth & Lie
4Logical ReasonClocks & Calendar
5Logical ReasonDirection Sense
6Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningTable Analysis
7Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningLine Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts
8Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningVenn Diagrams
9Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningGames & Tournaments
10Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningQuantitative Reasoning
11Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningGraphics Interpretation
12Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningTwo Parts Analysis
13Data Interpretation & Integrated ReasoningMulti Source Reasoning

Marking scheme for GMAT and CAT:-

Marks in a GMAT exam are calculated based on various criteria like the number of questions you get right, the difficulty level of question, etc. For a more detailed view of How marks in a GMAT exam are calculated. Refer to this article.

The marking scheme of CAT 2020 includes the marks which will be awarded for every correct answer as well as for wrong answers. Candidates will lose 1 mark for every wrong answer. For every question answered correctly, candidates will be given three marks. If the candidate does not attempt any question, no marks will be awarded

Business schools which accepts CAT and GMAT:-

CAT is basically given by students for IIM’s and other B-schools in India while GMAT opens door to the B-Schools abroad also. So basically a student has a lot of options when they appear for both the exams.

To find the list of B-Schools which accepts CAT and the average cutoff of them, Kindly refer to this article.

To find the Top 10 B-schools which accepts GMAT and the average scores, Kindly refer to this article.

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